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Thursday, August 12, 2010


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That glow-y prayer rug is super-cool, but I don't think I could actually use it; I think I would find it too distracting. It's hard enough sometimes to focus on prayers without feeling that I'm going to be imminently beamed up.

But if that Qur'an-reading pen really works, know what you can get me for Eid.


That BIQra thing just *totally* cracked me up. Seriously, why don't people get in contact with us before naming things?


Who needs an ipad??? The youth of today will find this exciting and the...not so youthful, a distraction. technology is changing the face of society and like society, we need to move with it. I like it.


Just came across a similar piece on Illume, called "iMuslim: There's an App for That!" The article mentions that there's an app that simulates tasbih (prayer beads), which is one I'd never heard of before:


Thank you for your early interest in EL Sajjadah prayer rug. It has taken a while but we have just launched a kickstarter project to fund the manufacture of the rug. See the project here -

and get the chance to own the rug yourself for an early bird price, or please share the link with others to help get this product on the market!


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