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Friday, October 15, 2010


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hi neman!
I realy liked your post ,i did not know that there is a martial art called silat kalam,does it has belt from white to black like in karate?

Martial Art Training


Thanks tal! Much appreciated. In my reading I wasn't able to find how progression is recognized in Silat Kalam. You'll notice the pictures of Guru Mazlan Man and Antontio Graceffo show neither of them wearing a coloured belt, but the video shows one student wearing a very dark belt. (I think it's black - I can't be sure - the video colour is too washed out.)

If you find out in your own research, please post and let us know!


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You are just marvelous, harmony of body and spirit, external and internal balance, what else can a person dream off. Martial arta are really help in the sphere of self improvement and personal development


Saya sangat tertarik dengan situs ini, karena isi postingannya sangat informatif, terutama topik yang sedang dibicarakan ini.

Sebenarnya saya sedang mencari tahu mengenai silat, tapi saya tidak bisa menemukannya di google informasi yang rinci. Saya berharap Anda dapat menulis topik ini, dengan senang hati saya akan mengunjungi lagi situ Anda ini… ^_^

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