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Friday, December 17, 2010


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Fatima Thompson

Ashurah should be a unifying event, an observation of a fast that was mentioned by our beloved Prophet and commemoration of the death of someone common to all Muslims.

Why do we see mourning of the death of Hussein as peculiar to Shi'as? Why don't Sunni's mourn his death?

More importantly, why don't Sunni's, and all Muslims, mourn the death of justice, dignity and righteous leadership ever since the time of the death of our Beloved Prophet?

People romanticize the early leadership as though they led perfect lives and ruled the people with perfect justice... but history, in truth, tells an entirely different story.

Hussein gave up his life because of his convictions about truth, justice and righteous authority.


Jack Fertig

Donating Blood for Ashura is a brilliant idea. Mashallah!


Belatedly - I've been away for a few weeks - I am so sorry for all the losses to your family.


Thank you, Steph. We appreciate it.

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