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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


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Uncomfortable, yeah. Really the movie is brilliant in the way the set-up, style and delivery of the jokes have that same farcical quality but the scene gets more and more hideous, like a ba-dum-dum *cymbal crash* where the cymbal gets slowly slowly replaced by a more and more sickening thud each time. The fate of Omar's brother Ahmad in particular. And the snipers. Ba-dum-dum *Oh my God* Ooh boy.

Sofia and Omar's relationship did bug me too. When it became clear that Sofia knew what Omar was up to, I almost couldn't believe it. Maybe she wasn't taking him seriously? Like she thought it was just a good excuse to get him out of the house, like bowling night or something? Just about the only off note in the whole film.

I'll have to watch it again, but I didn't think Omar's son knew what his father was up to. Clearly Omar was trying to explain himself to his son, but I thought the son received it as a bed time story.

I hear you about the justification of their terrorism but I think the point is they *aren't* comfortable and well-adjusted, they are alienated and disaffected. They are meant to be seen as cut from the same cloth as school shooters and workers who go postal. The clue to the profile Morris is working from is azzam al-britani, a reference to azzam al-amriki, the assumed name of Adam Gadhan (http://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/Adam_Yahiye_Gadahn). The exact details of their indoctrination would be tiresome - it's the raw human material the ideology works on top of that is comedy gold.

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